TT-HEAD Straight Brick & Stone Headers


Please choose between brick or stone headers

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Choice of Brick or Stone headers for straight topped windows and doors laser-cut from 0.5mm Rowmark.

They can be cut down in length to suit your windows or doors.

Each pack of vertical brick headers contains sixteen strips 19mm long / 1.7mm high.  They can be used singly or in pairs to create double height headers. These strips of brickwork can also be used to create soldier courses and decorative brick coursing.

Each pack of stone  headers includes eight strips 19mm long / 1.5mm high and eight strips 19mm long / 2.3mm high, plus sixteen key stones. For stone headers with angled ends, reduce the length by cutting away an equal portion from each end. For straight ended headers, cut to length by removing central sections.

They can also be turned over to use as a plain stone / concrete headers.