00-Footbridge01 kits

Richard Thomas purchased two of our 00-Footbridge01 kits, plus a selection of additional frets from the standard kits, to construct this very impressive bridge across his layout, which is loosely based on the area north of Manchester, in the vicinity of Park Station (chosen as he lives in Park Lane) and Philips Park sidings.  It covers LMS and LNER operations and his time frame stretches into BR green, although he decided on an LMS matt black finish for the bridge.

As he had walkway panels left over, Richard decided to fix one to each of the footbridge supports, to act as a barrier for any wayward passenger walking between the supports. It also gave him somewhere to display some advertising and created a storage space for things such as luggage trolleys under one of the bridge supports.

May I thank you for providing me with such a satisfying model, which was an enjoyable experience to build as well as bit of a challenge to adapt the mid span landings.  I used the “straight on” floors and added a bit to make the landing extend onto the top step.  I also found that when constructing the steps, I achieved a more satisfactory result by fixing the top and bottom step to each of the sides and then, using a pair of tweezers, sliding each intermediate step into place.  I did the same on the curved section steps within each span.  The station is much enhanced by its presence”.        Richard

0 Scale – Bridges & Steps
00 Scale – Bridges & Steps
N Scale – Bridges & Steps