00-FOOTBRIDGEKIT03 GNR style Footbridge kit


A versatile laser-cut kit to construct a footbridge, as used across Britain’s railways.

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A footbridge kit comprising laser-cut white Rowmark detailed sides, steps and walkway, plus columns with 3D printed tops and bases.
With a choice of standard platform level bridge (40mm to the underside of the walkway at the ends and 45mm in the middle) or a taller bridge with additional steps and taller supports (62mm to the underside of the walkway at the ends and 69mm in the middle)

The curved span of the main platform is 180mm long. The steps can be fitted in a variety of different formations, to suit your layout.

Alternativly, the Footbridge kit 04 has a longer span of 251.5mm.

To complete the kit you will need a good quality solvent, such as Delux Plastic Magic or EMA Plastic Weld, a craft knife and a sanding block (240 grit). Full instructions are included.

This kit may need to be made to order, so please allow a little extra time for delivery.