0-HEAD Brick & Stone Headers for arch top windows


Please choose between brick and stone headers for window frames with matching product codes

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Choice of Brick or Stone headers to fit our range of arch top windows; laser-cut from 0.75mm Rowmark.

The reference numbers refer to the corresponding window frames – for example an 0-HEAD-202 refers to the window 0-202. So if you have bought a window frame 0-202 you need a header 0-HEAD-202s-Brick or stone.

The packs of brickwork headers have 8 double brickwork arches. The inner arches can be used on their own for single height brickwork arches.

The packs of stone headers include two heights of stonework strips – 8 of each size, plus matching key stones.

They can also be turned over to use as a plain stone / concrete headers.