Roof / North Light Windows / Canopy Roofs


Single layer window frames

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Single layer window frames suitable for scratch building North Lights, canopy roofs, roof windows, signal boxes etc.   Can easily be cut down to desired length.

Please choose code from options list – RoofLight “depth in mm” “spacing Q, H or T”.    For smaller sizes please see 00 scale.

Size Options:

Depths 15mm and 20mm – laser-cut from 0.75mm white Rowmark – four pieces between 214mm and 221mm long.

Depths 25mm and 40mm – laser-cut from 1mm white Rowmark – four pieces between 212mm and 220mm long.

Spacing options for glazing bars:

“Q” – quarter width to height       “H” – half width to height       “T” – two thirds width to height


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