MLS052-Storage N Gauge Cassette


Stock Storage Cassette System kit for Peco Code 80 flexible track (not included)

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This unique system enables you to store an entire N Gauge train safely as you swap the train on and off your layout. Unlike most cassettes that modellers make, these cassettes do not require any alterations to the baseboard (you are usually required to lower the baseboard top to accommodate the base of a cassette so that the track is the same level). Simply place the cassette flat on the baseboard and join it to a piece of track from the layout using Peco fishplates. These will ensure that the track is aligned and provide power. Multiple cassettes can be joined together in this way.

The parts are laser-cut from 2mm MDF so it is recommended to use good quality PVA glue for construction. The lid is a laser-cut piece of clear acrylic, so you can easily see which train is in which cassette. The cassette is 450mm long, which will take half a yard length Peco Code 80 flexible track (not included). As a yard length of track is 914mm, cut a piece of track in half to give a length of 457mm.

Full instructions are included.