MAG-XS2 Magnetic Mates – Super Strong Squares


York’s Magnetic Mates, for when you need a third hand!

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Two pairs of Super Strong Magnetic Right Angle Squares, which snap together to hold your model parts square whilst the glue sets. Perfect for when you need a third hand; but mind your fingers – they SNAP together with some force!! They can be used to hold sections vertical as well as at right angles and can be used in various configurations, as per the diagram. The cut away corners prevent the glue from sticking to the tool.

WARNING: These products contain super strength Neodymium Magnets with a 3.4kg pull. These magnets must be kept away from animals and children under 16. Children over 16 must be told about the dangers of magnets and supervised by an adult. They must not be handled before reading the health and safety leaflet provided. York Modelmaking doesn’t accept responsibility for damage that has been caused by the improper handling of magnets.