00-Footbridge01 kits

Richard Thomas purchased two of our 00-Footbridge01 kits, plus a selection of additional frets from the standard kits, to construct this very impressive bridge across his layout, which is loosely based on the area north of Manchester, in the vicinity of Park Station (chosen as he lives in Park Lane) and Philips Park sidings.  It …

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GER Canopy Brackets

We have supplied Brian Fitzsimons with many architectural details over the years. For his glazed canopy we supplied GER-pattern valance (00-VAL105) and bespoke canopy brackets to this ‘cobweb’ design. The photograph shows it set into a temporary jig prior to assembling at the rear of the station.

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Royal Mail price increases

Royal Mail have again made substantial increases to the cost of posting first class letters and parcels within the UK. Reluctantly we are therefore going to have to increase our UK delivery charges by 40 pence from October 31st . Royal Mail do still provide the most economical service but we will keep reviewing the …

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The Crooked House Pub

Scale model of The Crooked House Pub

David Wright has built a model of “Britain’s wonkiest pub” after its illegal demolition, following the blaze on 5th August. The 18th Century Crooked House in Staffordshire was well-known for its “wonky” appearance due to mining subsidence in the area. It was a three week project for David, who worked from photographs he had taken …

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Fences and Gates

We have updated our range of fences and matching gates. The five designs are now laser-cut from brown laserboard. This is a strong moisture-resistant board which takes paint well, although having a mottled brown finish it’s ideal for modelling timber fences without the need to paint them. The fences can be fitted into your baseboard …

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