Keeping you in the loop with pricing

00-scale self adhesive slates

I’m sure it won’t come as a surprise to hear that, as with all manufactures, the cost of producing our products has been going up; but obviously I’m also very aware of the increasing pressures on everyone’s household budgets. Wherever possible we will absorb the increased overheads for as long as possible. We’re currently reviewing all of our prices and I’m pleased to reassure you that we won’t be making any sweeping increases across-the-board. However, I do expect that we will have to increase the price of our range of self-adhesive tiles this June. On average the cost of our laser-cutting materials has gone up by 7%. The cost of the 3M adhesive we use on the back of our tiles has increased by 24% since we last ordered and is about to go up by a further 6%!!

Link to 0-scale tiles and slates

Link to 00-scale tiles and slates

Link to N-scale tiles and slates

(Photo courtesy of Simon Reynolds)