Seconds – 0-TILES01 Grey Slates


Seconds – but will still cover your roofs OK.
At least half the cost of first quality tiles.

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Please note you are purchasing “seconds”.  The tiles may not be evenly cut across the sheet, they may not be fully cut all the way through the backing paper or may have other faults within the sheet.

But they will cover your roofs OK and are at least half the price of the “first-quality” sheets.

Description from the standard listing:-

These sheets of laser-cut self-adhesive tiles are quick and easy to use, producing realistic relief. There are two sheets per pack – covering an area approximately 200 x 150mm. They join seamlessly to cover any width of roof.

To use, cut the card strips of tiles from the sheet and then peel off the backing tape. Starting at the eaves, stagger the strips as you layer them, working up to the ridge line.
You can work directly on your model buildings, or onto card sheets, to then cut to size to fit your roofs. Spacing rulers are available to help you achieve even spacing.

The tiles can be weathered using dry brush techniques, spray paints, coloured pencils or artist’s soft pastels. As well as being ideal for scratch builders they are perfect for upgrading card kits. “It’s important to get roofs to look good, as it’s the most prominent feature when you look down onto the model layout”

These sheets are also perfect to use as vertical wall hung tiling.

Ridge tiles are available to use with these tiles.