N-TileSpacer Spacing Rulers for Tiles & Slates


Laser-cut Mylar rulers
Please choose the appropriate style of ruler for the tiles or slates you are using.

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These durable rulers are useful to help align our sheets of self-adhesive tiles and slates.
Simply choose between the two widths of spacing, and starting at the eaves, use a pencil to mark out the roof before applying the strips of tiles. (For Diamond tiles NTILES04 and Cornish slates NTILES06 there is only one spacing option)

Spacing Ruler for N-Tiles01 has a choice of 1.9 and 2.8mm spacing

Spacing Ruler for N-Tiles03 has a choice of 1.85 and 2.7mm spacing

Spacing Ruler for N-Tiles04 has 1.4mm spacing

Spacing Ruler for N-Tiles05 has a choice of 6.75 and 8.8mm spacing

Spacing Ruler for N-Tiles06 has 1.35mm spacing

Spacing Ruler for N-Tiles07 has a choice of 2 and 2.65mm spacing