00-FOOTBRIDGEKIT02 Track-bed Lattice Footbridge kit


A versatile laser-cut kit to construct a ‘lattice’ footbridge, as used across Britain’s railways.

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A Track-bed level footbridge kit comprising laser-cut white Rowmark detailed sides, steps and walkway.

The bridge can easily be adapted to span a minimum of 92mm to a maximum of 263mm, and the steps can be fitted in a variety of different formations, to suit your layout. If you require a longer bridge or extra sets of steps etc please ask for a quote.

The Footbridge kit 02 has extra flights of steps allowing it to be used at track-bed level. We also have a standard height kit 01 which is suitable as a platform to platform footbridge. If you require one tall and one short set of steps please order this kit and add a note, before checking-out, that you need one shorter set of steps.

To complete the kit you will need a good quality solvent, such as Delux Plastic Magic or EMA Plastic Weld, a craft knife and a sanding block (240 grit). Full instructions are included.

This kit may need to be made to order, so please allow a little extra time for delivery.

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