Worldwide Delivery

We often work for clients all round the world, but Roger Marler’s project turned out to be a truly international one. Following a recommendation from New Zealand, he constructed the model of Barnstaple Signal Box (top left) for a customer in the Republic of Ireland, using our custom laser-cut windows, door and signs, along with our standard roof slates. The interior details came from Toronto, Canada!

Roger added: “If Terence Cuneo can use a mouse as a signature, then I can use a black cat; so there.” You should just about be able to see Rogers’s cat on the top step.

Ian Wood sent us a couple of photos from Australia to play “Spot the Difference”! Top right is a photo of the actual Station Master’s house and bottom left is his N Scale model that he built utilising our window frames.

Please get in touch if you would like a quote for a full scratch build, or just the component pieces.

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